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Practice Areas

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    Licensing and Regulatory Defense

    Obtaining a new business license in New York City or New York State has never been more challenging for entrepreneurs, especially in emerging fields like cannabis. Allow me to use my thirty years of bureaucratic experience to help you navigate the minefield that awaits you. Subsequent to obtaining the license for your business, you may unfortunately face a time when you have to defend the license. New York has a very forward thinking enforcement division to ensure that your business remains in compliance with the regulation. If you are served with a notice of violation, the first thing you should do is to contact us so we can evaluate your case and provide the best possible defense.

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    Outside General Counsel

    Your day-to-day business touches on many legal issues, particularly in the areas of licensing, regulation and compliance, zoning, land use, management decisions, competition, financing, and employment. Hiring an in-house general counsel or other legal professional will cost your company six figures annually, but The Law Offices of Robert C. Hertman, PLLC is the perfect solution. I can function as outside general counsel to your company, saving you time and money. Using our legal, government and business experience, I will guide you and your company through the numerous legal issues facing New York businesses today.

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    Real Estate Law

    At The Law Office of Robert C. Hertman, we want to be someone you feel comfortable enough to consult with regarding major life decisions. The decision to sell or purchase real estate is precisely the kind of life decision we can help with. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling a house, condo or co-op, we can help. We can also help when you have questions about mortgages, refinancing or title insurance.

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    Estate & Trust Planning

    Estate planning is the process of organizing your personal and financial affairs to be prepared in the event of disability and to arrange for the orderly transmittal of your property to your intended beneficiaries. The key is to fashion a plan specifically designed to your needs and desires. I work with my clients, taking the time necessary to ascertain those needs and desires, and to explore various ways to implement a tailor-made estate plan.

    Estate planning can be complex for numerous reasons: there may be complexity due to the state and/or federal tax laws; there may be a need to protect resources for minor children and to construct a mechanism for those children to increasingly step into the responsibility of handling their inheritance as they reach maturity; there may be a desire to protect assets from an heir’s potential creditors; there may be concern for caring for a special needs child; concerns may arise due to a second marriage and the need to balance providing for one’s spouse with caring for children from an earlier marriage. Proper estate planning involves understanding a client’s unique circumstances and constructing a plan that will cover a client’s specific concerns.

    Some of the documents your I can prepare are: simple and complex wills, revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, charitable remainder trusts, powers of attorney, and heath care directives.

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    Consumer Protection

    Unfair and deceptive practices: Many businesses, including contractors and retailers use deceptive advertising or provide substandard goods and services. If you have been a victim of a business’s unfair act, we can demand reimbursement and damages, and file suit if necessary. I have years of experience defending unfair and deceptive practices claims and that experience will give you a distinct advantage when dealing with these businesses.

    If you have been the victim of fraud or unfair business practices, you need a experienced consumer rights attorney that will fight for you. I am the experienced lawyer that has seen these issues from the other side and can quickly get these companies to the table.